Driver Training

Crescent has an in-house Driver Training and Staff Development Academy.

Newly recruited and existing drivers are trained on various defensive driving techniques, which are followed up by refresher courses at regular intervals.

Driver Training Curriculum

  • Relevant training in accordance with international driver training standards with an emphasis on defensive driving techniques.
  • The theoretical aspects are conducted in a class of 5 drivers per course.
  • Upon completion of the theoretical segment, each driver undergoes practical vehicle training.
  • Upon completion of both the theoretical and practical training, drivers receive a certificate of competence.

Specific Outcomes of the Course

  • Save lives
  • Reduce accidents
  • Safeguard the clients’ cargo
  • Protect Crescent’s assets
  • Effective and specialized driving skills
  • Effective communication and reporting
  • Disciplined attitude and behavior
  • Respect for other road users
  • Reduced maintenance cost