HR Strategy

The key to Crescent’s success lies in its heavy investment on human resources and the importance given to retaining employees in the company.

By maintaining top quality professionals, from drivers to managers, we make it a priority to treat our employees with respect.

As a transportation company, Crescent is highly dependent on its heavy duty truck drivers; hence, we strive to identify, recruit, orient and train them to have the necessary skills.

Recruiting the Best Candidates

We make sure that our agents and representatives evaluate potential candidates thoroughly in line with the required qualifications, experience and expertise.

Training and Developing Employees

Once hired, we ensure that the new employees are trained and developed by our in-house training and development division.

Pay Structure & Benefits

Since monetary benefit is the driving factor for any employee to stick to a company, at Crescent we make sure that our employees are treated fairly and justly by paying their salaries and bonuses on time.

Ensuring Compliance to Regulations

We ensure that our employees understand and familiarize themselves with the local culture, rules and regulations, and fully comply with the parameters set up by the authorities, whether they are governmental or religious bodies.

Ensuring Fair, Safe and Equitable Work Environment

It is a company’s foremost policy to provide a fair, safe and equitable work environment to all employees in order for them to perform their duties professionally and proficiently.

Retaining Employees

Crescent employs reward-based mechanisms and offers financial incentives as well as career advancement opportunities in order to retain high performing employees. We recognize that our staff is the key to our company’s success and make every effort to keep them motivated and empowered.