Dammam Terminal

  • 260,000 m² terminal within 3 kilometers of the Dammam Port entrance
  • 15,000 m² of vehicle maintenance facilities and repair workshops
  • 4,000 m² of open air storage space
  • 3,200 m² of fully enclosed warehouse space
  • 2,000 m² of administrative and dispatch offices

Jubail Terminal

  • 40,000 m² terminal ideally located in the support industries sector of the Royal Commission of Jubail
  • 30,000 m² of asphalted terminal land with offices and maintenance facilities

Riyadh Terminal

  • 30,000m² terminal located on the outskirts of the city in the direction of Khurais
  • Operates as a satellite terminal, supporting cargo movements between the Kingdom’s east and west coasts.

Jeddah Terminal

  • 90,000 m² fenced terminal with security access control located in the Jeddah Port
  • Equipped with maintenance facilities

Yanbu Terminal

  • 40,000 m² fenced terminal with security access control situated in the Royal Commission area
  • Equipped with maintenance facilities

Abu Dhabi (UAE) Terminal

  • 37,673 ft.² fenced terminal situated in Al Faya, Abu Dhabi
  • Equipped with maintenance facilities

Manpower and Development

Management, support staff, technicians and drivers are all well-trained and qualified. Crescent operates an in-house Driver Training Academy, empowering drivers with the necessary skills to provide a professional service to our clients.


Crescent owns and operates a fleet of 500 heavy duty trucks and 670 trailers in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries. All terminals have container handling equipment capable of lifting 45 ton payloads each and forklifts ranging from 2.5 tons to 15 tons.